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This regards video game urban legends. Please note that most creepypastas do not count as urban legends.

Examples of what does count include Polybius,, The Theatre, supposed unlockable characters or levels that can't be proven, and that incident regarding two players posting their high scores for Berserk.

Examples of what would NOT count include Ben Drowned, Kirby's Deadland, anything-theory, The Tails Doll story, Sonic.exe etc.

There's already a creepypasta wiki, this page is for urban legends.

Urban legends are not told in first person, and are typically more believable than creepypastas.

Some Urban Legends do come from creepypastas. So if you really want, you can include urban legends regarding ways to summon Tails Doll, but not personal stories, "oh look what happened to me" or "AHH BLOOD!" or anything like that.

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